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cloud digital transformation newsletter snowflake Mar 12, 2022

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Here's one big idea from this week's past episode - The Rise of the Data Cloud - with Jeff Frazier, VP of Global Public Sector at Snowflake.

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Big Idea 

The Second Wave of Digital Transformation is here. According to Microsoft, the cloud market's explosive growth powers the TAM (total addressable market). Cloud TAM is expected to triple to $760B+ by 2025.

This week's episode covered Snowflake's impact on the public sector.

What's Snowflake Data Cloud?

Snowflake is a cloud-native application that is built on top of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud infrastructure. There’s no hardware or software to select, install, configure, or manage, so it’s ideal for organizations and governments that don’t want to dedicate resources for setup, maintenance, and support of in-house servers.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud breaks down information silos with seamless, secure data sharing capabilities to drive collaboration, and delivers governed, simple, and near real-time data access with a single platform. Snowflake is FedRAMP Authorized (Moderate) on AWS commercial and Azure Government regions.

On our episode, Jeff Frazier, VP of Global Public Sector, said,

"Enterprise and government data should not be constrained. It shouldn't be in silos over coal bunkers. You should be able to have that available to use and utilize to be more efficient and drive more insight." ~ Jeff Frazier

How can enterprises and governments utilize data at scale to drive more insight?


3 Benefits of Leveraging Snowflake's Data Cloud


1. Modernize legacy technology

Transform your data warehousing, data lakes, and data application development infrastructure. Build data exchanges to quickly and securely share governed data.

2. Make better, quicker decisions

Enable comprehensive views of intra- and cross-organizational data, so users can quickly and easily use real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.

3. Transform citizen experiences

Deliver innovative, intuitive, and efficient services for citizens based on comprehensive, secure, and reliable insights.


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