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Here's one big idea from this week's past episode with Kevin Gilbertson, CIO at the State of Montana.

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Big Idea 

The workforce of the future is an ecosystem in which leaders invest long-term in creating an "alumni" network and mindset that encourages former employees to want to come back when they are ready to serve again.

3 Ideas for Talent Development

1. Develop Talent & Potential

Organizations and companies are in a talent war (see - Amazon more than doubles max base pay to $350k for corporate and tech workers, citing labor market). What's a leader to do?

Take a development mindset with college and non-college grads to escape the talent war. A development mindset dovetails well with potential. See what's possible in that employee and guide it to reality.

Here's an opportunity, I think, for the State to get into a developmental mindset to be able to bring in someone that's straight out of college. We've got all of the technology that you would see in private sector to give folks the opportunity to get in and really get hands-on ~ Kevin Gilbertson

As the great college basketball coach John Wooden said, "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." Focus on what's possible in building teams for today and the future.

2. Coaching for Retention

I love being a high school basketball coach, and I've learned more about teamwork, leadership, and people than in most organizations I've worked. Coaching is a people's business (kids, parents, school staff, etc.).

Which made me wonder why more organizations don't take a coaching approach with their teams?

I love what Coach K says below.


Think of X's and O's as the work (writing software, fixing bugs, building systems, etc.) while concentrating your focus on your people, your team.

I was a developer for a while, and then realized that the human side was so much more important in a lot of cases than the bits and bytes ~ Kevin Gilbertson on his journey from the private to public sector


3. Create a Culture of Excellence

Most people crave growth, and that is not a bad thing! When I coach the JV basketball team, most kids desire feedback, because they're trying to play varsity and get to the next level.

How can leaders create a culture that fosters excellence?

By building an efficient results-driven mindset.

Each season I have to break poor shooting, passing, and defensive habits (no freshman passes!) in order to prepare my players for the next level. Varsity games are quicker, faster, and more demanding. In short - results get you more playing time.

Pushing towards excellence at the speed of the private sector might seem scary at first, but once your team is comfortable with the new "speed of the game" that becomes the new normal.

From the private sector, always pushing, always trying to be results-driven- that's not a new learning for the public sector at all. But I think trying to continually push toward that execution at a speed that is similar to private is something that has been a little new ~ Kevin Gilbertson

Make sure to check out my episode with Kevin Gilbertson, CIO at the State of Montana - Workforce of the Future: Growing Your Public Sector Alumni.


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