Ep.80 Envisioning Equity through Broadband with Jim Weaver, CIO at the State of North Carolina

Episode #80


Jim Weaver, Secretary for Information Technology & CIO for the State of North Carolina. Jim leads the agency responsible for strategic IT planning and the procurement and delivery of IT services and solutions as well as cybersecurity. In today's episode, we cover Jim's unique perspective on North Carolina's leadership in expanding equity through broadband access and affordability across the state.

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We know that in some cases it's 2-3% of a family's income to pay for the cost of internet. And during the times of the pandemic and the economic upheaval that we saw in 2020, there was a choice between access to these types of benefits, if you will, versus putting food on the table ~ Jim Weaver About 10% of our state, or about 1.1 million individuals, do not have access to the internet today here in North Carolina. And that's terrifying ~Jim Weaver Schools now, as we've seen, aren't necessarily a schoolhouse. Our world has changed a lot because of COVID. And so we have to look at delivering service wherever they're at and when the individual needs it ~ Jim Weaver


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In today's episode you will learn:

  • [02:18] What are three key strategies in North Carolina's $1.2 billion holistic approach to providing broadband to all areas- rural, suburban, and urban- throughout the state?
  • [06:18] What is North Carolina doing well that has been attracting high-tech industries to the state? And what does Jim envision needs to be done in order to sustain those opportunities?
  • [08:11] How is North Carolina addressing the digital equity divide differently than what has been done in the past? Jim Weaver talks about the governor's plan for 100% connection for households with school-aged children.
  • [16:40] Jim identifies what he terms as the Four Pillars of Digital Transformation and where they are headed with each
  • [29:15] The importance of agility in organizational structure
  • [00:18] + [23:39] Can a die-hard Yankees fan and Red Sox fan peacefully coexist? The friendly banter begins here, and continues in Raleigh on TechTables' first Suite Talk: Grillin' & Chillin' event, coming up on July 22nd, 2022


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