Ep.91 The Power of Invitation: Nurturing Relationships with a Team of 1,200 with Stephanie Dedmon, CIO at the State of Tennessee

Featuring Stephanie Dedmon, CIO at the State of Tennessee

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Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9412155/video/705479613

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We're Covering:

    • [4:23] Stephanie talks about the success of their Coffee & Conversations program and how that has nurtured relationship building throughout her team of 1,200.
    • [7:28] The power of the invitation: how opening up Round Table Conversations by inviting anyone with skills or experience in that area helped leverage expertise they otherwise would not have known about.
    • [9:02] Catch them early: using internships at both the high school and college levels to instill the desire to serve in the government
    • [9:40] "A career in state government is not something folks necessarily think of all the time. And so we are starting small, but hope to grow" Stephanie Dedmon on utilizing high school internships to expand career possibilities.
    • [10:50] Federated vs. Centralized IT models
    • [12:26] "We came back with a consolidated model that doesn't repeat the same org chart across all the agencies because some positions are needed when you need them, but they're not needed 365 days a year."
    • [13:41] The benefits of consolidation
    • [14:50] Tackling budget and its implications 
    • [17:54] Creating the citizen experience through the My TN app
    • [21:47] Texas vs. vs. North Carolina vs. Memphis BBQ
    • [22:39] Cyber Security, Enterprise Data, Process Automation, Infrastructure, Modernization, and Cloud: How Tennessee is going big to transform these five key areas
    • [23:40] "You need to think much bigger, and you need to come forward with what you need to accelerate... and you need to tell the story about what that gets us."
    • [24:36] "the citizen doesn't care which department they have to go to, to do something. They just want to get it done. And as fast as they can, preferably not in a line in person or with a form."
    • [30:08] I have a unique appreciation that vendors are needed and can be very helpful, and we need to lean in and leverage those relationships and the capability. I love that relationships are king."
    • [30:08] The local cybersecurity grant program in Tennessee


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