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Sharing human-centric stories through community with CIOs and technology leaders.

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Ep.83 Using Data to Tell Your Most Powerful Stories with Rishma Khimji, CIO at the City & County of San Francisco Police Department

Featuring Rishma Khimji, CIO at the City and County of the San Francisco Police Department (12th largest in the country). Previously she served as the CIO at the City of Reno as the Director of Technology, and before...
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Ep.82 The Rise of the Data Cloud with Jeff Frazier, VP of Global Public Sector at Snowflake

The Rise of the Data Cloud Featuring Jeff Frazier, VP of Global Public Sector at Snowflake. We cover Jeff's unique perspectives on reimagining the data cloud, the waves of adoption in the public sector, and how to...
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Ep.81 Workforce of the Future: Growing Your Public Sector Alumni with Kevin Gilbertson, CIO at the State of Montana

Episode #81

Featuring Kevin Gilbertson, CIO for the State of Montana. We cover Kevin's unique perspectives on the benefits of private sector experience in the public sector, utilizing internship opportunities to create a culture...
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Ep.80 Envisioning Equity through Broadband with Jim Weaver, CIO at the State of North Carolina

Episode #80

Featuring Jim Weaver, Secretary for Information Technology & CIO for the State of North Carolina. Jim leads the agency responsible for strategic IT planning and the procurement and delivery of IT services and...
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Ep.79 Planning for the 2028 Olympics with Ted Ross, CIO at the City of LA

Episode #79

Featuring Ted Ross is the General Manager & CIO for the City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency managing 465 of the City's best employees and a $105 Million annual operating budget. Connect: LinkedIn,...
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Ep. 78 TechTables Suite Talk Series with Joe & Jamie Toste

Episode #78

Featuring Joe Toste, Founder/CEO at Levity Media LLC 👋 I'm Joe Toste. Podcaster by day, basketball 🏀 coach by night. We gain Joe's perspective based on Joe's interviews and interactions with CIOs across the country...
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Ep.77 Austen Allred: The Risk-Free Degree

Episode #77

Featuring Austen Allred, CEO Bloom Institute of Technology; Tech education from the future. We cover (1) Austen's unique perspectives on moving to the center of the outcome you want, (2) the underrated power of...
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Ep.76 Experience-first in a Digital-first Market: How Valuing the Consumer Drives Loyalty with Phil Crawford, CTO at CKE Restaurants (Carl's Jr. and Hardee's)

Episode #76

Featuring Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer at CKE Restaurants, Inc. We cover Phil's unique perspective on his latest journey pioneering digital advancements in the food and hospitality industry. Connect with...
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Ep.75 Building Secure Data Foundations: The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officer with Ed Kelly, Chief Data Officer at the State of Texas

Episode #75

Featuring Ed Kelly, Chief Data Officer at the State of Texas, an accomplished results-orientated, customer service professional with substantial experience in operations and Information Technology. We cover Ed's...
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Ep.74 From Intellectual Complacency to Executing with Excellence: Lessons Learned at Honeywell and Beyond with Cleo Cabuz, ex-VP of Technology and Partnerships at Honeywell SPS

Episode #74

Featuring Cleo Cabuz, ex-VP of Technology and Partnerships at Honeywell SPS. We cover Cleo's unique background in developing technology during the Dawn of the Internet of Things, why leaving acquisitions to their own...
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Ep.73 How Public Sector CIOs Are Transforming Smart Cities through Blockchain and Web3

Episode #73

Featuring Mark Wheeler, CIO at the City of Philadelphia David Elges, ex-CIO at the City of Boston Connect with Mark Wheeler: LinkedIn, Twitter Connect with David Elges: LinkedIn, Twitter If I am going to be part of a...
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Ep.72 Cyber Warfare in the Public Sector w/ Chris Winnek, Lieutenant Colonel and CIO, 36th Infantry Division

Episode #72

Featuring - Chris Winnek, Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Information Officer -G6, 36th Infantry Division, Camp Mabry, Austin, TX. We cover Chris' unique perspective on cyber warfare and the importance of coordinating...
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