Anushree Bag, CIO, Indiana Department of Child Services

Ep.143 The Purple Cow: Transform IT by Being Remarkable

indiana the public sector show Aug 02, 2023


Featuring Anushree Bag, CIO, Indiana Department of Child Services.

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🎙 About the Episode

In this episode, we catch up with Anushree Bag, CIO of the Indiana Department of Child Services. Join us as we explore Anushree's passion for empowerment, health, and taking risks in the realms of technology and government including:

  • Lessons from The Purple Cow and PepsiCo
  • Breaking the 12-Hour Workday Cycle for Health and Success
  • Top Concerns in Child Support and Child Welfare IT today
  • Technology Transformation Projects: Landing is Mandatory
  • Empowering Women with Different Backgrounds
  • How to Get Back Up After Failure
  • Trailblazing for the Right Reasons
  • Unlocking Success: Essential Steps for Young Women Entering IT and Government  

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