Ep.138 Modernizing California's 911 System & Building High-Performance Teams

california the public sector show Jun 15, 2023

with Michelle Geddes, CIO, San Francisco Department Of Emergency Management 

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Show Notes

In this episode of The Public Sector Show by TechTables, Joe interviews Michelle Geddes, CIO of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. Michelle shares her experience in building high-performing teams with unique contributors and diverse backgrounds, as well as discussing California's plan to modernize its 911 system from on-prem to the cloud.

Michelle also provides advice on establishing good relationships with vendors and emphasizes the importance of partnerships in the public sector. Additionally, Michelle and Joe discuss the state of women in technology roles in government and Michelle's plans to launch a Women in Technology forum for communication among women in government IT.

"We're being asked to move away from this on-premise environment to a cloud-based environment. And I will say it is the way of the future, but it is slow moving." [00:14:58]


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