Ep.140 Lessons Learned in Innovation and Excellence from Florida Digital Services

florida live event: orlando 2023 the public sector show Jun 29, 2023

with Jamie Grant, CIO, State of Florida & Jeremy Rodgers, CISO, State of Florida

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Show Notes

In this episode from the Orlando Live Podcast Tour with Jamie Grant, CIO, State of Florida, and Jeremy Rodgers, CISO, State of Florida from Florida Digital Services, discuss the challenges of applying private sector practices in government and the importance of understanding government culture and motivation.

They emphasize the need to create a culture that encourages innovation and excellence and to invest in and value talented individuals who make products happen.

The podcast also covers the importance of setting high standards and knowing what success looks like. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the challenges and opportunities of working in government and the importance of creating a culture focused on innovation and excellence. 

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