Kim Warren, CIO of the Department of Labor and Industry for the State of Montana

Ep.142 Challenges and Successes of Modernizing Montana's Systems and Services

montana the public sector show Jul 10, 2023

Featuring Kim Warren the CIO of the Department of Labor and Industry for the State of Montana. She has been with the state for 30 years and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as the Montana outdoors (Hello Big Sky Live Podcast Tour!). She loves Starbucks coffee (Americano and Dark Mochas).


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🎙 In Today’s Episode with Kim Warren, We Discuss:

  • Modernizing the state's systems and services
  • Digitizing everything, including thousands of forms
  • Low code, pro code platforms used for rapid development and delivery
  • Faster and easier transactions for citizens
  • The team's success is attributed to their open-mindedness, innovation, and willingness to learn
  • The new Unemployment Insurance system and more!


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