Kevin Gilbertson, CIO, State of Montana

Ep.81 Workforce of the Future: Growing Your Public Sector Alumni

montana the public sector show Mar 01, 2022


🎥 Featuring Kevin Gilbertson, CIO, State of Montana


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🎙 About the Episode

In today’s episode, we discuss Kevin's unique perspectives on the benefits of private sector experience in the public sector, utilizing internship opportunities to create a culture of alumni who want to return and serve, Montana's Digital Challenge, and the low code, no code strategy.



0:00 Intro

00:50 How Kevin's private sector background has helped him in public sector service

09:37 How onboarding through internship and apprenticeship opportunities can be a win-win

11:19 It's not just about pay: value beyond monetary compensation

13:34 Send them out and welcome them back- creating an "alumni" mindset  

18:58 Incorporating learning-based goals with results-driven goals for better outcomes

19:59 The Montana Digital Challenge and next steps to going 100% digital

26:32 The low code, no code strategy in Montana


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