Ep.99 Zero to One: Building From the Ground Up

arizona live event: phoenix 2022 the public sector show Jun 14, 2022

Featuring Doug Lange, VP of IT Strategy at Choice Hotels International and fmr. CSO for the State of Arizona

Connect w/ Doug: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmlange/

Show Notes:

In this episode, we are joined by Doug Lange, VP of IT Strategy at Choice Hotels International and fmr. CSO for the State of Arizona. Doug brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sectors, most notably serving as the CSO for the State of Arizona before his current role as VP of IT Strategy at Choice Hotels International. We talk about building successful IT strategies from the ground up, including:

The Formula to Success

  • We kick off the conversation by discussing the essence of success and how pushing boundaries is integral to achieving consistent success.
  • Doug shares his insights on driving IT strategy at Choice Hotels, and how he's leveraging his experience to foster innovation.

Crossing the Public-Private Divide

  • We dive into how Doug takes this collaborative spirit into the private sector.
  • We discuss key strategies Doug's team has implemented at Choice Hotels to foster collaboration and take the organization to new heights.

The Need for Speed

  • We draw parallels between the speed and agility of the Oregon Ducks during the Marcus Mariota era and the importance of speed in the business world.
  • Doug sheds light on the faster pace of execution in the private sector compared to the public sector, and how this speed is crucial in outpacing competitors.

Accelerating Public Sector Delivery

  • The public sector often faces challenges when it comes to speed of delivery. We ask Doug for his advice on improving this aspect in the public sector.
  • He shares practical tips and insights gained from his time as CSO for the State of Arizona.

Navigating Budget Approvals

  • Doug has experience seeking budget approvals from both legislative bodies and boards of directors. We explore the differences and similarities between the two.
  • He provides valuable advice for anyone looking to successfully pitch their vision and secure project funding, regardless of the sector they're operating in.

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