Lynn Fyhrlund, CIO at Milwaukee County

Ep.89 Operation Desert Storm: Lessons From the Battlefield to the IT Field

the public sector show wisconsin Apr 12, 2022


 Featuring Lynn Fyhrlund, CIO at Milwaukee County

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🎙 About the Episode

Join us as we explore Operation Desert Storm through Lynn Fyhrlund's eyes: a story of leadership, technology, and a dedication to fostering inclusivity in the tech industry. Don't miss this episode filled with insightful lessons and anecdotes, including:

  • Operation Desert Storm: background, history, and Lynn's service
  • Lessons learned from the battlefield to the IT field
  •  End-user experience: no one left behind
  •  Highly effective teams and the chain of command
  • Milwaukee's need for affordable, reliable broadband internet and device access
  • Gaps with IT systems
  • Leveraging data and analytics in Milwaukee County and more!


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